In Home ALL breed Boarding

Welcome to our Boarding Page !

We offer our home to our Boarding clients.  We talk all different breeds, sizes, and temperaments of dogs.

As a dog trainer I have no issues with dogs that may have some issues being away from Home.

We have many areas in our home to make sure that each pet gets his own time if the hustle everyone is a bit intimidating at first.

All of our Boarding Dogs have access to lots of out door space to run and play. A tired Dog is a Happy Dog :)  There are no extra fees for walks and playtime !  We like every dog to have all the fun their owners are having on their vacation. 


We only take in a select few dogs at a time so make sure you book early to save your spot !  You don't want your Dog to be disappointed to not be able to attend his / her retreat !

All they need to come with is their own food and feeding instructions.  We use our own dishes that are labeled for you pet and clean and sanitized after each use.

We have lots of toys and beds so we advise you not so send any as sometimes we have other pets that chew and destroy beds so I don't want that to happen to your beds :)  

Please check out our previous page to see (some) of our happy boarding dogs.