In Home Boarding:

Why is it when we (humans) want to go on vacation we put our dogs in a concrete kennel with fences and leave them there while we are sunning ourselves on the beach ?
Don't they deserve a vacation too ?
Here at EyeSpy we offer our home to each and every boarding client, they are invited in to be members of our family while their family is away.  It's there own vacation.
They have 5 fully fenced acres to play on, daily long walks in the forest (see above) lots of friends to play with and of course comfortable beds to sleep on with people around them.   That's exactly what they are used too as members of your family they deserve it too. !
With a Vet Tech background we have no issues with pills, medication, etc... and will do so with no extra charge.

We also provide pick up and delivery for a small fee if driving to our home is not available to you.

We look forward to see you.